Snorkeling is diving at the water level equipped with mask and breathing tube. If you like to mix the bathing in the sea with being able to see under the sea, snorkeling is a good option. You will be surprised by everything that can be seen from the surface!

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1 hour of water
Full equipped
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Snorkel in a marine reserve

Are you looking to do Snorkeling in Conil or nearby?

Snorkeling in Conil is more complicated since the sandy bottoms are less rich in marine life.

That is why we went to the Isla de las Palomas, in Tarifa, to carry out the guided snorkeling routes, which meets the best conditions for this activity, as it is a marine nature reserve.

This area is rich in marine life and the clear water conditions make it perfect for Snorkeling.

The activity consists of an explanation prior to the route, where we will discuss what we will see and the necessary techniques for good finning and breathing, and then we will go into the water for an approximate time of 45 minutes - 1 hour.

So that you can take home a souvenir of this activity, we include photos of the snorkeling route totally free!

Always guided by highly experienced monitors who will make the activity very interesting, fun and safe!

Do you know how the place for snorkeling is?

Isla de las Palomas, Tarifa